Stand espositivo “La stanza del gomitolo” _ Pitti Immagine Filati
An exhibition stand that lives only nine days out of 365 days of the entire year needs not be perceived as a "non-place", but must propose new ways of interaction, creating increasingly dynamic and flexible scenarios. "The Yarn Room” is an exhibition stand realised for Pitti Immagine Filati, which puts the visitor at the centre of the stage. The visitor becomes a character, carefully exploring new inspirations that become increasingly diverse and extravagant, visually innovative and of quality design. The exhibition stand is to present the summer and winter collections, and so the space is made to be altered and restyled throughout the year, but in a simple and economical way. The space features materials, colours and images typical of the world of yarn; the scene of commercial relations. It features wallpaper made of fabric, polypropylene cones for the table legs, and an innovative material obtained from the residue of the processing of olives. The stand greets visitors upon entry, clearly conveying its geographical influence and origin in an ironic and colourful way.