Tatié _ Roma
The concept focuses on the small spaces looking to better represent all the features of the brand, defining from the outset all of the main features of the trademark. The space is designed to bring out the best in the products and at the same time to give the customer an optimal experience. The products are arranged in clearly organised area, which not only improves the shopping experience, but also makes the store layout flexible and open to change. The space is dynamic, yet comfortable thanks to the warm tones of the time and gold light ceiling. The lighting is designed to give prominence to the product placed in the middle of the burnished-brass metal rack, and the diffused lighting system is designed to emphasise the heart of the shop. In the centre lies a round table for accessories, and the feature wall is decorated with a custom made wallpaper depicting rosebuds. Each of new store will have a ‘must have’ product, and is characterised by a famous diva to whom the store will be dedicated, with the design of the store also taking inspiration from that person’s character.