Like your own home _ Concept Maliparmi
The concept behind the new Maliparmi stores is to have a retail space capable of arousing curiosity and interest. The idea is to create a comfortable ambience that makes you feel at home, hence the name "Like Your Own Home". The space consists of two rooms: the LIVING ROOM and the GARDEN. The living room is characterised by a pavement of recovered decorative tiles and a large wall for accessories, the core business of the brand. The garden area has a synthetic grass floor, where there are freestanding metal shelves made of a burnished brass, and a wooden deck that leads to the cash desk. The counter is designed to resemble a shower that, ironically, pours out light (in the mode of a spot-light) and directed at the desk. These areas are furnished with modern pieces to create a quirky and refined space featuring unique vintage pieces that are reinterpreted in a new style with a new look. The store also features interactive technology behind framed mirrors become virtual catalogues with a touch system, and the dressing rooms feature wall décor and refer to Snow White in front of the mirror: “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”