Due Facce_Blocco Arreda
The project started with the idea to create a simple product that is capable of creating an interaction with the user and its sharp design, but with spirit and vivacity. Due Facce (“Two Sides”), takes its name from the different ways it can be installed depending on the user’s taste, either facing the product front-on, or facing it side-on. This small piece of complementary furniture can be considered, as one would say in slang terms "having no right or wrong side” giving the user the option to use the object as he/she wishes. The two shelves are made of Italian walnut coloured wood, and the supporting structure is made of light fir timber which enhances the soft and warm tones of walnut. On the tabletop are two clear notches which unite the tabletop with the supporting structure. The two supporting legs are made of wooden blocks stacked one on top of the other.