Avatar Garden _ Lucedentro
Inspired by the theme of nature and the vast possibilities of applications for photoluminescence, the project aims to enhance all the features of this innovative and versatile pigment. Here, it is capable of transforming basic resin plates into elegant butterflies. These are mounted on long metal pins that gently sway with the wind, whilst the LED light source casts different coloured lights and magical Chinese shadows. When you decide to turn off the artificial light source, the butterflies remain illuminated by a self-produced light thanks to the photoluminescent pigment, deeply enhancing the designs and colourful shapes. Acrylic laser cut and high quality. Butterflies varnished with resin by hand with photoluminescent pigments. Dimensions of butterflies: about 12x12cm or 12x8cm. The lilly inserted in the stem contains n. 6 LEDs; 3 white light LEDs, and 3 lilac LEDs.